The Company

the-company-1 Rooted in a passion for fine coffees, Clearbrook Coffee Company founders began roasting on a small scale in Abbotsford, BC. Initially started as a personal quest for excellence, demand for beans quickly grew beyond family and friends. Our hand-crafted coffee is now served throughout the Lower Mainland. Intent on pursuing excellence, Clearbrook Coffee’s introduction into the market has been gradual – with a focus on presenting the finest Artisan Coffee to market. Time has been spent under the tutelage of elite master roasters in the industry to guarantee the highest quality in roasting, blending, and sourcing beans. Currently, Clearbrook Coffee purchases beans from some of the most prestigious coffee brokers in the business. the-company-2 Located in the Pacific Northwest, they are committed to sourcing high quality beans from farms with good, sustainable farming practices. As the company grows, Clearbrook Coffee endevours to develop relationships directly with the coffee farmers.   Clearbrook Coffee is a member of SCAA Specialty Coffee Association Of America, and each of our hand-crafted coffees is chosen for its exceptional quality and taste. While the majority of our current offerings are Fair Trade and Organic, we also offer some exceptional direct trade coffees. Each origin is roasted in small batches, and is cupped to ensure quality. Locally produced in the Fraser Valley, Clearbrook Coffee Company is committed to fresh outstanding tasting coffee.