Christmas Blend

Our Christmas blend is sweet and balanced, with hints of strawberry. Created from a unique blend of beans from Kenya,Ethiopia and Costa Rica, this coffee is full bodied and complex, sure to delight family and friends.

VARIETAL: SL28, Ruiru 11
Elevation: 1400-1800M
Process: Washed

Kenya Muranga Karugiro Peaberry coffee is sourced from small family owned farms organized around the Karugiro Factory (wet mill). Located in Muranga County, Kenya, a growing region in the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya, these tiny farms are located 1400-1800 above sea level. Farmers who process their coffee at the Karugiro Factory are members of the Kamacharia Farming Cooperative Society which was established in 1993 and has nearly 4,000 active members, nearly 20% of whom are women.

West Coast Christmas Show

I hope you had a chance to visit us at the West Coast Christmas show, We sampled our new Christmas Blend all weekend. The new blend features three coffees, One is a Kenyan Pea Berry, Ethiopian Lekemti and an organic Costa Rican coffee. Our retailers just got topped up so you should be able to buy some in your area or online . See you there next year.